What do you want to accomplish on this position?

Most people do not want to accomplish anything special in their job. They simply go to work, do what is expected from them (and nothing more), and wait for the paycheck to arrive each month…. However, you will have to present another attitude in an interview, at least if you want to succeed and get the job.

Recruiters want to hear that you want to help them to prosper, that you strive to deliver some value day in day out, that you want to make a difference with your work.

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If you apply for a position of a designer, please continue reading the lines below:

Think the way the employer does

Panel interview in a small company. Three interviewers sit at the table, asking questions. We can see a female job applicant from the back. The picture illustrates a typical graphic design interview. We go to work to be proud, to earn money, to gain recognition as designers.  But employers are not interested in these things. They care for their own business, not for ours.

They care for their profits, their reputation, their position on a market, simply for the benefits they gain from the employment relationship they are about to start with you.

You should focus on those things while talking about your desired results. Let me show you how to do it:

I would really love to design some memorable campaigns and help this company to bdominate the market. After all, I understand that if I do a good job, if this company prospers because of my work, you will do your best to keep me happy, which means good salary and benefits.

I just want to do my best for the employer, day in day out. I do not have big dreams, but I want to feel good in job, and bring value to the team of designers. That’s what I want to accomplish on this position, and I believe to be ready to do it in your company.

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