What caught your eye on our job description?

Man is drawing a new design for product, comparing the color variations. He wears white shirt, and has many papers on his white table.One can find many graphic design job openings on every big job board. We typically apply for at least a few of them, trying to improve our chances of getting interview invitations. Having said that, you should not make this impression in your interview.

Recruiters are proud of their companies. You should convince them that you care for the particular interview with them, that their offer stands out from other job offers.


Pre-interview research will help

They may use alternative questions. Why do you want to work for our company? Why not one of the competitors? Questions may differ, but the HR managers follow the same intentions every time. You should find something that differentiates them from their competition.

Visit their website, check their portfolio, read about their values and goals. You should find something that’s worth mentioning in your interview answer, something that deserves a compliment.


Sample answers

Group interview in an international marketing company, we can see two interviewers and eight job applicants. All people are nicely dressed, and the atmosphere seems relaxed.Your job add is designed exceptionally well, in both graphics and wording. One can see that even an HR person from your company is a creative mind. It signifies that this is the company where one can grow as a designer. The list of working duties also stands out. Brand building is a field I would love to be involved with.

I spent a lot of time on your website. I saw the work you have done, and I really like the deign you made for client ABC, as well as the campaign you created for EDF. I have seen countless portfolios before, but I believe you are one of the most creative companies involved in this industry. That caught my eye on your offer, and I would be proud to be a member of your team.

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