Download your recording – please read carefully

Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing Graphic Design Interview Package. Please, read the information carefully in order to understand how to access the second part of your package, I Will Get a Job recording.

If anything is unclear after reading this page, please contact us at [email protected].


I Will Get a Job!

The recording is zipped in .RAR format. The download is password protected. You received a password in the email you got after your purchase. Please, find the password in the email.

You can download the file here: Recording.



Unzipping the file

The file is zipped (due to large size), and you need to unzip it before listening to it. If you have no experience with unzipping the files, I suggest you to see one of the following links:

Zipeg – Free tool for both PC and Mac. It’s simple and you should unzip the file using Zipeg in less than ten minutes.

Rarlab download page – Here you can download the most popular unzipping software for both Mac OS and Windows.

If you are still not able to unzip the file, please go to Youtube and search for “opening .rar files”. And if you want to open it on your mobile device, just hit the app store and search for “Unzipping files”.

Thanks you for your purchase and support. We wish you good luck in an interview!

Jacob & the rest of Team