Where do you see yourself in five years time?


If we talk about career growth, graphic designers should not be too ambitious. One can potentially become a consultant, or a graphic director of a company. But as you can imagine, this is not an easy path and in most of the cases, one simply has the same job for many years, job of a designer.

Therefor, if they inquire about your future plans, you should do the following:


  • Focus on achievements, not promotion. Say that you would love to be recognized for your work on successful campaigns in five years time. Say that you would love to have the same job and an impressive track record as a designer.
  • Connect your future with the company. If a company hires a good designer, they want to keep him for a long time. Therefor you should always say you would love to be with them and progress. We live in an era without real loyalty. Show them that you are different and succeed in your interview.

Sample answers

Panel of professional interviewers I hope to be recognized as a creative and ingenious designer in five years time. I wish I helped many of your clients to build successful campaigns and make impact by that time.

To be honest, I do not think about the future too much. I love to design. I love to work on new campaigns, make a difference with my work. If I have the same job in five years time, I can see myself very happy in daily life. However, firstly I need to get this job :).

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