What do you want to accomplish on this position?


Most people do not have any goals in their job. They simply go to work, do what is expected of them (and nothing more) and wait for the paycheck at the end of the month… However, you will have to present different attitudes and expectations in an interview, if you want to succeed.

Recruiters want to hear that you want to help them to prosper, that you strive to deliver an added value every day and want to make a difference in your daily job.

Think as the employer

Job interview in front of a panelYou know, people are pretty selfish. Both employees and employers. We go for job to be proud, to earn money, to get recognition. However, you need to realize one thing: Employers are not interested in these things. They care for their own business, not for yours. They care for their profits, their reputation, their position on a market, simply benefits they gain from employment relationship with you… Therefore you should speak about these accomplishments. Let me show you how to do it:

I would really love to design some memorable campaigns and help this company to become famous and dominate the market. After all, I understand that if I do so, if this company prosper because of my job, you will do your best to keep me happy in this job.

I want to become an exceptional graphic designer who makes a breakthrough.  I want to help to improve the position of this company and simply deliver an added value to the entire market as a graphic designer. I believe I can do it.

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