What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Table of graphic designer full of working instruments, we can see papers, color samples, marking pen and other items on the table. This is one of the most typical interview questions. It doesn’t matter if you apply for a position of a graphic designer, a teacher, or a product manager–you can hear it in every interview.

What is a strength for one job can be useless for another one. And what is a weakness for one employee, can be a strength for another one.

Let me list some strengths that will help you in the field of graphic design. You can pick a few of them for your interview answer:

  • creativeness
  • ability to understand the needs and desires of various people and transform them into final design works
  • analytical thinking
  • attention to detail
  • teamwork
  • patience and perseverance
  •  drawing and other artistic skills


Effort to improve on your weaknesses

Responsible people always work on their skills, and they try to get rid of their weaknesses. Your attitude matters the most, since nobody was born a perfect designer. Tell us that you try to improve on your weaknesses. Let’s have a look at some good answers.

I am a creative mind, always coming up with new ideas and solutions. On the top of that, I am quite skilled in drawing. On the other hand, my management skills are rather bad. But I read books on management and time management, trying to improve on my weaknesses, trying to be more organized in work.

People say I am a team player, responsible, completing my job on time. But I sometimes lack tolerance to people who work slowly. However, I am aware of this weakness and I try to remind myself to not get involved into useless conflicts with my colleagues.

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