Tell me something about your latest design projects. What challenges did you face and how did you handle it?


This is one of the critical questions in an interview. It can decide a winner sometimes. So what to do and say?


Man is presenting his design portfolio in a group interviewPrepare a portfolio

First of all, you should prepare a portfolio of best works, either in an electronic, or in a paper form. Every responsible designer serious about his job search has one. It can be simple, but it should be nice. Do not economize. Use quality printer and colors, so your works look good on the paper.

Such a portfolio should include also a goal of each project, your target audience, and programs/techniques you used to complete it. It is good to have few copies of your portfolio, so you can leave one to the interviewers (at least for temporary time).

Focus on relevant projects

If you apply for a position of product packaging designer, it will make no sense to talk about your mobile application designs. You should pick the most relevant works. However, if you have not completed such projects, you should still talk about other projects you have completed, trying to find similarities.

You should talk with enthusiasm about your work. You should be proud of your designs. After all, motivation is a crucial factor for every employer. If you looked to be bored when speaking about your own projects, how would you be motivated in job? Think about it… Motivation is a key to succeed!


Do not forget to answer the entire question

Group interview for graphic designer jobThis question consists of two parts. In the first one, you should do what I suggested, show the employer the added value and creativity you brought to each project, ideally with a help of your portfolio.

But there is also a second part. They inquire about the challenges you faced. You should always speak about challenges positively, as about something that helped you to become a better designer and strengthen your knowledge. Everyone of us was unable to meet the expectations of the client at least one time. We had to learn something new to be able to accomplish the task. These are perfect challenges to talk about in your interview

What to say at the end?

Congratulations! You came to the last answer. Well done! You did more than eighty percent of all job seekers do to prepare well for an interview. However, if you would like to stand out from the crowd learn how to outclass all the applicants and ace your interview, you will have to study a little bit more :) . Our Graphic Design Interview Package will show you how to do it, step by step. Thank you for checking it out.