Succeed in Your Graphic Design Job Interview!

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Human hand working on a designWe can see work of graphic designers everywhere. On the screen of your mobile phone, on the wall of nearby buildings, on the body of your car, or clothes you just wear… People are visual beings and decide rather emotionally than rationally. Therefor, to have an excellent graphic designer in a team is a must for practically every single company.

It is a good job, but not everyone can get it in an interview. An applicant needs to demonstrate different abilities and “sell” his skills and knowledge to the recruiters. Creativity, good understanding of the needs and desires of various people, ability to interpret the business needs and develop a campaign from scratch are just few to mention. On the top of that, every designer should have practical knowledge of Photoshop (or similar software), CAD, and other tools needed for the job. So, how do they test all of this in a job interview?

Practical interview

Like in every other job interview, employer will ask you several personal, behavioral and technical questions. However in this case, a practical part belongs to an interview too.

They may let you to do some work directly in an interview, e.g. to improve a simple design, or give your ideas on certain concepts and layouts. In some cases, recruiters let the applicants to prepare some work before an interview. The same task is given to all the interviewed applicants. Later they compare the work of all the applicants and decide accordingly.

Knowing it, you should for sure prepare your working portfolio prior to the interview. It does not matter if you have worked for clients for ten years, or if you are just a starter and have designed things only for yourself. In both cases, you should pick your best works and prepare a presentation, either in a form of a digital presentation, or simply on the paper. Doing so, you may avoid practical tasks in an interview. But even if not, such a portfolio shows that you really care for getting the job, that the interview is important for you. Every employer will see it as something positive. So, do not hesitate to do it!


Panel interview for graphic design jobWhat questions do they ask in a graphic design interview?

You can expect a mix of behavioral, technical and personal questions. Each part has its meaning. They try to assess your motivation and communication skills with personal questions. Your answers to behavioral questions uncover your behavior in various work related situations. And technical questions test your ability to do the job, or at least your ability to talk about doing it 🙂. Practical exercises, often the final stage of an interview, test your ability to really do the job… Let’s have a look at some questions they typically ask:


Practice before your interview

Woman graphic designer is working CAD and Photoshop have pretty intuitive user interface. If you have good computer intelligence, you should be able to find what you need in an interview. But I suggest you to work with it for couple of hours prior to the start of your interview. However, do not forget that an ability to learn and a creative thinking is more important than your actual knowledge of CAD or Photoshop.

If the very best Photoshop expert did not understand the main goal of his design work, his knowledge would be worthless… Oppositely, a creative person knowing what to design and why to design it, someone thinking about the needs of both business and customers, can always learn to work with a software and will be preferred. 

What to say at the end?

Well, even if you are the best designer in your city, still, they may not hire you. Why? Simply because success in an interview isn’t about your design skills only… You must convince the employer about an added value you can bring, you must show him you fit well into his company environment. And, you must answer all their questions… It’s not easy. But with our Graphic Design Interview Package, you will be ready for all the challenges. Thank you for checking it out here! It is time to succeed.

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